Warren Fire Equipment, Inc. : 330.824.3523
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Listed below are a complete list of contacts for each department.
Contact List

Corporate Office
6880 Tod Avenue
Warren, OH 44481-8628
Warren: 330-824-3523
Youngstown: 330-788-9339

2044B South Alex Road
West Carrollton, OH 45449
Phone: 937-866-8918
Fax: 937-866-7035
  Rick Garrity
  Executive V.P. - Operations
 Ext. 209
  Lynda Malone
  Operations & Accounting
 Ext. 207
  Bob Malone
 Ext. 206
  Gayle Paulus
  Accounts Payable
 Ext. 218
  Tina Roberts
  Accounts Receivable
 Ext. 202
 Dave Ashburn
 SCBA & Compressor Service
 Ext. 330
 Ken Bollenbacher
 Sales - Fire Extinguishers and Service Contracts
 Ext. 205
 Rich Kunkle
 Fire Supression Systems and Services
 Ext. 210
 Sean Stryffeler
 SCBA/Compressor Coordinator
 Ext. 279
 Fred Bussard
 Municipal Sales & KME Fire Apparatus
 Ext. 241
 Mickey Dewitt
 Municipal Sales
 Ext. 285
 Derek Hess
 Municipal Sales
 Ext. 261
 Brent Mudgett
 Municipal Sales
 Ext. 266
 Chris Reidy
 SCBA Scheduling/Muni Sales
 Ext. 280
 Tony Schaffer
 Municipal Sales
 Ext. 339
 Terry Terlaak
 Municipal Sales
 Ext. 252
 Joshua Wilson
 Municipal Sales & KME Fire Apparatus
 Ext. 262
 Mike Wolf
 Municipal Sales/Customer Service
 Ext. 212