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As industries invest in high-value mobile equipment, it must be protected from fire.  Ansul's A-101 Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System helps avoid costly repairs and replacement, keeps insurance costs down, reduces downtime and prevents serious, life-threatening injuries.

This system is designed for surface and underground mining, forestry, waste management, construction, and other industries. 

The CHECKFIRE system is used with the A-101 system to provide around-the-clock, automatic, fire detection and actuation.  The rugged control module is designed to withstand shock, vibration and extreme environmental conditions.

 Combined agent performance for ultimate protection



A-101/LVS Twin Agent

Double the Agent, Double the Protection

While the dry chemical knocks down the flames, the liquid cools surrounding areas and flows readily into spaces where flammable liquids may settle.

Service and Maintenance

We know how important this equipment is to your organization. Let us design a service program that meets your expectations! Talk to one of our Vehicle Suppression System technicians to get started.