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Our technicians are qualified to analyze and recommend the proper equipment required for any type of hazard.  But, having the right equipment in the right place is only the start.  Maintaining and completing regularly scheduled inspections and service of your equipment is the most effective way to assure the integrity of your equipment and compliance to maindated requirements by local jurisdictions, the State Fire Marshall, and your insurance carrier. 

A thorough annual maintenance of your extinguishers provides true safety and peace of mind.  Be aware!  Not all maintenance companies are equal.  We won't change a tag and move on.  Nor will we swap out your extinguishers for someone else's.  Pre-engineered kitchen suppression systems should be maintained every six months!  We can assist you by establishing maintenance programs with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual visits to your place of business.  A custom service program can be designed to meet your specific needs, assuring we’ll be there to help you with your complete fire protection program. Service bundling is an option, and often saves you money. We’ll be happy to discuss this with you as well.

When at your facility our licensed technicians will assure compliance by validating the location and type of extinguishers throughout the interior and exterior. Our mobile service vehicles can complete most services while at your location returning your extinguishers to you, not swapping out yours with someone else’s. The only reason we would remove your extinguisher is for hydrostatic re-qualification and a loaner unit will be left in its place until the unit has been re-tested and returned to you.

We believe in a complete fire protection plan.  Not only will we complete the maintenance of your equipment as outlined in NFPA 10 and the State Fire Code, but we'll review your facility for special hazards or changes to the interior due to new equipment placement or remodeling.  We'll report our findings to you and be prepared to offer solutions for total fire protection. 

WFE can service all brands of extinguishers, most suppression systems,  have mobile recharge capability, and are available 24 hours daily, 7 days weekly.  With over 50 years of experience, you can trust Warren Fire Equipment.

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