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Compressed Air Testing
the AirCheck ™ Service
for compressed air testing and analysis
We are pleased to offer compressed air testing services using the AirCheck ™ Service method of analysis. After careful evaluation of the laboratory services offered throughout the United States, we have selected the AirCheck ™ Service method. The most important criteria in our evaluation was accuracy and precision of the analytical techniques used.
Laboratory Analytical Techniques
The accuracy levels are achieved by using state-of-the-art technology which includes gas chromatography (GC), gas chromatography / mass spectrometry (GCMS), infrared spectrophotometry, and gravimetric techniques.
Sample Collection
Samples are easily gathered by Warren Fire Equipment technicians using equipment specifically designed for compressed air sampling. All sample containers are individually marked and prepared for single use, and eliminate the possibility of false contamination.
Frequency of Testing
NFPA 1989 2008 Edition requires quarterly testing of all air transfer points to include compressors, mobile air systems, and storage banks.
Reports are easy to understand and include: your individual results, the air quality standard requirements, precision and accuracy data, as well as statement regarding compliance. A certificate suitable for display is also provided. If a sample does not meet specifications, you will be notified immediately.
For further information on the AirCheck ™ Service call
Warren Fire Equipment at 330-824-3523