Five-Star Service Center

Our Warren Ohio facility houses the only Five-Star Service Center in Scott's Central Region.
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Five-Star Service Center
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Self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is the lifeline of the firefighter. It permits you to enter a dangerous environment without fear of breathing contaminated air. The question is, how safe is the SCBA you are wearing?

Does it provide positive pressure to prevent bad air from entering the mask? Is the liter flow adequate or correct? Is there any rust or corrosion in the regulator? As you think about these questions, ask yourself this


When was my SCBA last serviced?

We are a factory authorized warranty center for Scott Safety. We provide SCBA repair at our Scott Five-Star Service Center in Trumbull county, and have on-site service available by four vehicles, dispatched to meet your needs. Scott's Five-Star program is reserved for distributors who meet stringent requirements for service excellence in maintaining, testing and repairing Scott products, while maintaining specific tooling and product/spares inventory.

We are proud to have represented Scott for more than 35 years and earn this distinction. The requirements of the program mandate that each Scott Five-Star distributor meet the service center requirements to test, inspect, service and repair all Scott SCBA and Supplied Air Products, Thermal Imaging Camera products, Compressor products and Portable Gas Detection products. Most importantly, we adhere to Scott's Five-Star service center quality and customer satisfaction criteria.

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  Cylinder Inspection Face Mask-Facepiece SCBA Valve
• 100 psi through 10,000 psi
• Aluminum Cylinders
• Carbon Wrapped Cylinders
• Fiberglass Wrap Cylinders
• Kevlar Reinforced Cylinders
• Steel Cylinders
• Breathing Tubes
• Exhalation Valves
• Head Harness
• Head Nets
• Inhalation Valves
• Lens Replacement
• Nose Cups
• Gauge Repair
• Gauge Replacement
• Knobs-Handles
• New Halves
• O-Rings
• Valve Seats